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NEMA Askes Craig Skauge to "Fill in the Blanks" via @NEMAcanada ||


NEMA asks Craig Skauge, Founder, Chairman, and president of NEMA to "Fill in the Blanks"


1) The Exempt Market is a big part of the future of Canada’s capital markets.

2) The Exempt Market is not a place for everyone to invest.

3) The thing I like the most about the Exempt Market is it provides entrepreneurs with a place to try and capitalize their ideas without having to spend an inordinate amount of money.he unlimited potential to seek unique opportunities to increase wealth.

4) The one rule I would change in the Exempt Market is the categorization of all Exempt Market securities as “High Risk”.

5) The stock market is a different animal than it was 10 years ago. Technology has created an unfair playing field.a good compliment to a well diversified portfolio.

6) In regards to the Exempt Market, regulators are starting to realize there are good people and firms operating in this space.

7) The biggest misconception people have about the Exempt Market is it is only used by private companies.

8) The most important thing investors should know about the Exempt Market is the different risks that it carries from traditional investments. That’s why we set up

9) Dealing Reps need to continually make efforts to improve their knowledge base.

10) In the Exempt Market, there is not enough ongoing disclosure provided to investors.

11) In the Exempt Market, there is too much of a rumor mill.

12) The Exempt Market is no place for investors that need immediate access to their money.

13) In the next 5 years the Exempt Market will be mainstream.

14) The biggest change in the Exempt Market has been the credibility brought with regulation.

15) The biggest challenge for the Exempt Market an image problem from past mistakes.

16) The key to longevity for the Exempt Market is to work together to create best practices and a proper regulatory framework.

17) NEMA is here for the long haul.