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Member Profile: CVC™ Market Point Inc.

CVC™ Market Point Inc.

As an Exempt Market Dealer, CVC™ Market Point Inc. (CVC) operates out of Calgary, Alberta serving both the Alberta and British Columbia markets. We have been operating in the exempt market since 2005 – initially as a Limited Market Dealer in Ontario, and then we moved our operations west as our industry regulations developed giving rise to the creation of Exempt Market Dealers. We subsequently left the Ontario market in 2013, focusing our sales team on the Alberta and BC markets. Our offerings have historically been related party products including mortgage investment corporations (MICs) as well as limited partnership land development offerings.

Currently, it’s an exciting time at CVC as we’re growing our team and expanding our product shelf. In 2016 and into this year, CVC has expanded its locations and increased its team of dealing representatives. Operating from Calgary and Victoria at the start of 2016, we added an office in Vancouver the summer of 2016 and we opened our Edmonton office in the spring of 2017. In combination with the growth of the sales team, we have also expanded our product offerings to include third party products for clients. Still considered a Captive Dealer from a regulatory point of view, we now offer products beyond our base mix of mortgage investment corporations and we’re continuing to expand on that base. In addition to other private company opportunities within the real estate industry, we are also looking at those outside of real estate to give a greater choice to prospective clients.

At CVC, we aim to offer products that give clients something different to consider for investment. We’ve worked meticulously in completing our product due diligence assessments to fully understand the reward potential as well as the risks for each offering that resides on our product shelf. This gives us the confidence that those investments offered are unique opportunities and as such, we are proud to be able to put them forward for client consideration.

When describing our role in working with prospective investors, ‘Consider’ is the key word – CVC’s team of dealing representatives does not push a product; instead they work to take the necessary time to explain the suitable options available for consideration. CVC strives to build ongoing relationships where we and the client come to understand one another. Our team works to match an individual’s investment goals and suitability with the ventures offered. We are prepared to say no when the investment is not a fit as not all investors are a match; we work to ensure prospective individuals understand the product while determining if it is suitable for them given their personal circumstances.

To accomplish our relationship building, CVC’s approach begins with the hiring and in turn, development, of our team to form clear understanding of our goals and principles which is then complemented by a complete due diligence of our private offerings. We believe these principles and practices continue to allow CVC to build satisfying relationships with our clients.

The overall approach of CVC is explained by CVC’s President, Aaron Taylor. He explains, “CVC is focused on growing our team of dealing representatives who are able and want the opportunity to provide investment ventures in private companies. Whether I’m reviewing prospective new dealing reps or potential products for offering, I’m always considering how they or the product will fit with investors. I’ve been in the market for quite a number of years watching many products come entering into the market with all sorts of ‘sizzle’ only to see them fizzle away after a short period. Be it dealing reps or products, I’m looking for those that have the ability and capacity to be around for the long term – building relationships isn’t done overnight so I want to have reps selling products where both are around for the long haul.”

As CVC continues its growth in 2017, we will be looking to add further investments to our shelf, grow our sales team and further, to reach out to other dealerships as the lead agent for CVC approved products. We believe that the exempt market is a thriving industry, one which CVC will continue to be a part of in supporting those companies looking to raise capital.

CVC Market Point Inc. offers private market products through our operations in Alberta and British Columbia where our Dealing Representatives serve investors from offices in Calgary (Head Office), Edmonton, and Vancouver . For further information on our company and offerings, please visit our website at: