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Fill In The Blanks via @NEMAcanada ||


NEMA asks Darvin Zurfluh, Executive Chariman of  Pinnacle Wealth Brokers to "fill in the blanks"


1) The Exempt Market is a place where small businesses with capital needs can go to individuals wishing to invest.

2) The Exempt Market is not the Wild West of investing that it once was.

3) The thing I like the most about the Exempt Market is the unlimited potential to seek unique opportunities to increase wealth.

4) The one rule I would change in the Exempt Market is to increase penalties for misrepresentation.

5) The stock market is a good compliment to a well diversified portfolio.

6) In regards to the Exempt Market, regulators are ensuring better disclosures are made and investors have more protection than in the past.

7) The biggest misconception people have about the Exempt Market is that it is all high risk and not liquid.

8) The most important thing investors should know about the Exempt Market is that it is very important to read the offering memorandum.

9) Dealing Reps need to do their own due diligence on products they sell.

10) In the Exempt Market, there is not enough dealing representatives.

11) In the Exempt Market, there is too much negativity about the past when the market wasn’t regulated.

12) The Exempt Market is no place for nervous Nellie’s.

13) In the next 5 years the Exempt Market will be well known for finding superior alternatives.

14) The biggest change in the Exempt Market has been increased accountability to the regulators.

15) The biggest challenge for the Exempt Market is finding alignment between the parties (issuers, dealers, reps, and regulators).

16) The key to longevity for the Exempt Market is the people.

17) NEMA is integrity for all the parties participating in the Exempt Market.